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Currently all courses and workshops are presented in the ENGLISH language - IELTS Level 5 to 6 is recommended. Details at:


Working together to offer improved services and value to IIRP Europe students and RJC members alike.

  • We now offer RJC members a 10% Discount on all our UK Workshops, Training Courses, CPD Events and National / Regional Conferences.
  • All students who complete the IIRP Europe ’3-Day: Facilitator Skills Training’* or ’4-Day: Basic Restorative Practices’ course (provided they commit to work to the RJC Practitioner Code of Practice.) will be registered by IIRP Europe with the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) for a free 12 month Associate Practitioner membership.
  • Once registered as above, attendees will have the right to upgrade at the much reduced rate of only £25 (standard fee: £75) within 6 months of completing their training and then work towards Accredited Practitioner status.
    RJC Accredited Practitioners commit to adhere to the Code, and evidence that their practice meets national standards, either by achieving a Recognised Qualification or through Direct Accreditation with the RJC.

Full details of Direct Practitioner Registration with the RJC can be found by clicking here.

* Does not include ‘In-House’ trainings unless registration costs are pre-agreed between IIRP Europe / Certified Trainer / Host Organisation.



Introduction to Restorative Practices
Thoroughly understand restorative concepts, and learn effective strategies for use in both Schools and Care settings in managing student/Looked After Children (LAC) behaviour and teaching them to take responsibility for their actions.

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Using Circles Effectively
Learn the value and process of circles—practical and effective tools for creating a positive classroom climate in Schools (both Secondary and Primary) and Looked After Children settings (LAC), which you will be able to use immediately.

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Facilitator Skills Training—Standard Level
This course prepares participants to run restorative justice conferences and to use restorative practices in their everyday roles.

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Facilitator Skills Training—Advanced Level
The “Advanced” course is designed to build upon existing facilitation skills and prepare participants to facilitate conferences involving unacknowledged harm and/or unaccepted responsibility. It is therefore a prerequisite that participants have previously attended our Facilitator Skills Training—Standard Level

Restorative Practices in Neighbourhoods
The aim of the day will be to give attendees an understanding of restorative practices and several processes that they can begin to use in their daily work in neighbourhoods.


Training of Trainers
Many people have asked about becoming restorative conferencing and practices trainers to provide the Restorative Practices: Facilitator Skills Training we deliver in the UK & Ireland and use our educational and training materials. As a non-profit organisation, we know that we must involve a wide range of individuals and organisations with us in order to accomplish our mission to spread the concept of conferencing and restorative practices, while maintaining high standards of quality.

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Conferencing for Serious Offences
A two-day thought-provoking, interactive experience to provide participants with an opportunity to explore the use of restorative conferencing in response to serious offences.

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Restorative Practices in Workplace Conflict
This course is designed to prepare participants to run restorative justice conferences and/or use restorative practices in their everyday role in the workplace. It will also assist organisations in meeting Employment Regulations.

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Restorative Practices: An Anti-Bullying Strategy Workshop
Gain a thorough understanding of restorative concepts, learn effective strategies for managing different aspects of bullying behaviour in both Schools and Care settings, and help young people take greater responsibility for their actions.

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 IIRP Europe is a Registered Training Provider with the Restorative Justice Council (RJC), and adheres to the RJC Trainers Code of Practice. Click here for more details.

Working together to offer improved services and value to IIRP students and RJC members.